Redefining Motion control

The Mirror Mount,

The all-new, self-contained Smart Mirror utilizes on-board microprocessors that enable best-in-class precision, WiFi capability, and the intelligence to support a range of peripheral devices.

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The Future is Here

From customized solutions to dedicated products, we’re bringing precision, intelligence, and connectivity to motion control and mechanics.


Precision Like No Other

  • Industry-leading precision and performance
  • Full range of rotational motion in x and y
  • Microradian resolution and repeatability
  • Sub-milliradian accuracy
  • Variable adjustment speeds


Connectivity That Counts

  • Enabling the connected lab and IoLT
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee® interface options
  • RS232 and powered USB interface ports
  • Configurable digital interfaces for accessory modules
  • Handheld control capabilities


Intelligent Technology

  • Powerful embedded microprocessor capability
  • On board memory for software and data storage
  • Integrated interfaces for external equipment and accessory modules
  • External memory plug-in options
  • Intra-device communicability

Less is More. Much More.

When you consider what it would take to match the robust capabilities of the Smart Mirror, the choice is clear. See for yourself.

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About the Company

Swift Control Systems is dedicated to the development of a new generation of connected, intelligent optomechanical solutions.

Swift Control Systems designs and manufactures revolutionary motion control systems that combine the best in precision mechanics with the intelligence and connectivity that advanced smart phone technology. Our unique design capabilities enable the development of customized optomechanical solutions for a broad range of customers that provide industry-leading precision and control coupled with powerful embedded intelligence. Our compact self-contained devices utilize on-board microprocessors and an adaptable logic fabric that

enable automated angular, rotational and translational mirror adjustments and support a range of plug-in accessories such as power meters, position sensors, and laser alignment tools. Further, a WiFi option facilitates remote control powering the connected lab or Internet of Lab Things (IoLT™) for research applications. Our technology and products have a number of different applications and markets, including photonics, security and surveillance, life sciences, and industrial automation.


“Over the last decade, optomechanical components and systems have not kept pace with the explosive growth and product innovation seen in consumer electronics, which have brought tremendous computing power, intelligence, and global connectivity into the palm of our hands. Swift Control Systems has developed a powerful set of capabilities that enables our customers to create new smart integrated systems, products, and instrumentation for a diverse set of applications. From customized solutions to dedicated products, we’re bringing precision, intelligence, and connectivity to motion control and mechanics.”

Larry West, President, Swift Control Systems, Inc.